What do I tell you about today? Maybe on things left unsaid by the bay. The water kisses the boulders. As the thrust of the waves makes her roar. That reckless lover reaches the station late. Ponders about the missed opportunity wanting to crave. What do I tell you today? About the damsel in distress … More Today

Few wise words!

I want to fall into the world of expectations Where there are no disappointments but just confrontations. Don’t we weave up a story when we meet someone dearest? For signals, two-sided even make the terrific wave coolest. I know I can’t swim, but I could swim the ocean if there was a drought For the … More Few wise words!

Dead flower

I was dead since the past 3 months. Words drooled in my head but it didn’t burn. Why did I give my sad thoughts to sulk me? When writing was my escape from reality? Why do I live my life like a sloth bear? Procrastinate, delay has been a lazy affair. You had installed the … More Dead flower

Shiuli- the queen that blooms at night

“Dhalta Chand karei eshara. Suraj tu hai kaha”?( The Moon sets and asks the Sun, “where is he”)? Love comes with a cost of betrayal, suffering, loss and yet it blooms after the curse. My aunty’s Whatsapp status quoted “ Shiuli blooms in our garden”.After seeing the ancestral Shiluli the Parijat, as Bengalis affectionately call … More Shiuli- the queen that blooms at night

Manmarziyan- A trio of Ramji, Sita and Ravan

“ I am yours. Don’t give myself back to me”, said the legendary Muslim poetaster Rumi . Meet the Rumi of modern times Anurag Kashyap- the king of neo-noir cinema, the priest of violence, abuses and darkness gets his latest flick Manmarziyan screaming the tagline “Love isn’t complicated people are”. The title of the film … More Manmarziyan- A trio of Ramji, Sita and Ravan


  I have stopped trusting old school love. Where my pigeon tapes my tale to my love. For my love has drifted far away. To an unknown land, swaying off the bay. Logging on to Tinder I thought it to be my Kindle. From philanthropists, Dr’s my feelings were doodled. There lay me the contradictory … More Fantasy