Only if.

Only if you were present. You could take my gift with the crescent.

You would have been 23 years old, and I wouldn’t yet be decent.

Only if you were present I would take you across the 7 seas.

To show you the paradise which had only you and me.


Only if you were present would I have understood the meaning of love.

You were selfless in giving, and I a victim of trolls.

Only if you were present,then my problems wouldn’t have been problems.

For your protective guidance would vanquish away the biases of a lay man.

I need to know the reality, that I have never seen you.

Yet the blood ties conquer the unseen dew.

You came to this world this day, 23 years back to depart on the same day.

Didi! you attained Moksh on the day of your birthday.

Happy Birthday Didi! there isn’t a day when I don’t remember you.

I can’t myself call a single child, because I had my adorer that’s you.

You left me because you wanted me to take your place.

Take care of the family with dignity and grace.

I do cry, hymn a little prayer for you on this day.

Only if you were here, my life wouldn’t have been awaiting on the bay.


Flashbacks of my lady.

This poem is extra special for me, as it is my first collaboration, with my childhood friend Jude Francis.Everyone has significant relationships in their lives. When relationships become too good for the soul, this is what happens.


With each passing day the memories rush by.

I wait for you at the same place near the tide.

Stuck at the time when your hands let me go.

The world had a hearty laugh on my show.

The dessert had left a dying light inside me.

Like the heat leaving you languish at night.

Did you ever understand my fiercest emotions?

The pen and paper then wouldn’t be in motion.

Do I regret loving, whilst I still do?

Could I rub off the memories which had you?

The exchanges from the heart I owe to myself.

For you did choose to let me go from thyself.

Every time that you let me down.

My moist eyes did scurf for you around.

I was a warrior of your action actions.

You ran away without even seeing my reaction.

The Heart of a jilted lover had solace.

For months I stood near the tide that raced.

When you were there to hold my hand.

I understood the meaning of true love.

My mind struggles to hate, but my Heart yet beats.

Alone I nurse the wounds which want to heal.

The Heart had a desire.

As you had set my beating organ on fire.

I felt the gush, I felt alive.

Oh! love I had lost hope,now I live longer.

May someday you find yourself in love.

As I found myself after I lost you, my Dove.


Thank you childhood friend for your valuable inputs. For only a childhood friend with whom you have played the most silliest and the adventurous games in the society could help you with a poem.  Thank you for the content.


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About Jude Francis :  An expressive ambivert. A fellow who prefers telling stories through photography, writing and music. 



Those dancing droplets.

        Images credits: Lol.hug. com

The evening was going to kiss the dusk. 

The clouds had  swelled up it’s tusk. 

Drop by drop the water waved down.

It touched everyone, without the crown.

The sunny evening had turned gentle. 

Just like her soul which had won a medal.

The unexpected rains had made her sway.

All the pain had soothingly ran away. 

Jilted lovers held hands amidst the deluge.

The clouds seeped the warmth sans refuse.

Her walk in the rain was quite romantic.

The wet mud, leaves, and the road winked.

Her bag didn’t have an umbrella that day.

The deluge had made her strong. 

Together they had once walked in the rain. 

He was her armour “who wouldn’t say”?

She was like a cold wind who blew hard.

Her armour had a shadow of dark.

The pretty  memories with the rains faded.

She slipped through his hands and evaded.

He was like the rain, stormy and silent.

I had to walk with him to see him violent.

The droplets rained hard over her and me.

The tears too walked in the rain.

To set us free.

Walk alone or walk with the lover of rains.

To experience joy and the game.

 The rains had given a beautiful memory.

With no expectation,

For everything in life is temporary. 



I wouldn’t forget the seat that he gave 

me, even when he had the chance to sit. You might be wondering what’s so great in that? When I first saw him looking at me. I felt weird. You know when someone looks at you constantly and yet they don’t speak up, you get attracted to their intense aura. He might be 6 feet 10 inches tall. Had a huge masculine built. After the horrible love inflicted sadness, I had no option but to mentally heal myself. Adventure is my heart throb. After doing Paragliding, Rafting,Trekking, I wanted to learn mountaineering. LIving at the hills side had a benefit. The mountaineering training centre was at a stones throw by.

I was to be trained for 3 months at a row. My first day at the camp was all rough.I was panting,  only after running 5 kilometres.Guys, girls, old men and women looked fit as an athelete there. One day at the camp we were told to run for an hour continuously. I was half away again panting. The person two seats next to me had a wonderful stamina. It was during that time when I first saw him. The woods had been dark by that time. I could only see that fellows masculine tall built with immense stamina. The next Morning we got the task to do Rock climbing. Everyone were taught the techniques and we were  told to do this for 2 weeks. I again saw that tall fellow. Punctuality was in my blood. I used to reach the woods early to start my task. I vested my helmet and started scurrying the rope. With the grip I started the climb. In the distance I could see him giving me a hard stare. He a latecomer also had started the climb. I used to take twice the time. Somehow my pain on the climb was visible on the face, but whenever I used to have those silent eye contacts with him it was as if the whole world of pain within me used to shut down. It was as if there was an unspoken bond that whenever I looked at him he looked away and vice versa. The strange part. We never exchanged a single smile. Nor did I take the pains of knowing his name and the other half of the truth. I knew that mountaineering had to be my focus. I had to push myself to the adversity. 
Post few days I became a little master of rock climbing. It so happened one day that I had finished my jog earlier that day and steadfastly wanted to do Rock climbing. As I was hungry too, and the crowd was tremendous. I did my task, went to the mess area which was overcrowded. Grabbed my plate and there again those eye contacts happened on the table with 3 people and 2 chairs. I asked him “Are you sitting here”? He said “You sit “. It was for the first time that I had heard his voice. He offered me his seat and created a warmth in my Heart. I ate my food quickly and eft the mess. Even while I was eating the stale food, he was looking at me with his aoft eyes. I had a Puppy face this time. Though I didn’the stare back at him, only did when he was busy eating his course. We didn’t smile even after those blank stares. His voice had a soothing peace, affirming and a focused tone. I knew that post 3 months I would be leaving the mountaineering centre. Those were the only months wherein I could feel the warmth of stare from a kind stranger who shared with me his share of Happiness. Till date I don’t know his name. Nor do I smile whenever I see him while doing my Rockclimbing. Though we still look at each other, as the silence romances the weather. By being unaware of the truth. I made new friends too at the camps den. Still I wish to be friends with him.  My introverted soul would never take the initiative of even smiling to him. Maybe  I am thinking too much. Why do I love his stare? He may not even be looking at me, but he does. I feel it. I can see it. He motivates me to get off my couch and wear my life on my sleeves. He is a stranger with huge built. No one can scale the rocks like he does. Even when I got the chance of being besides  him I had my Ego on air. For I am thinking too much. Many had done an unknown act of kindness to me, but not like the way he did.  He had a warmth and a passion in him. He left his aura on me.
For few things were best  left unsaid. Maybe we fell in love with each other. For this was just an adventurous story of 2 strangers passionate eye contacts, which would be abandoned. Words were less, actions were more. Maybe I will never know his name. Maybe post time I may never see him again, but without doing anything the tall guy with dusky Hair and passionate eyes left a warmth on the devastated Heart.