I have stopped trusting old school love. Where my pigeon tapes my tale to my love. For my love has drifted far away. To an unknown land, swaying off the bay. Logging on to Tinder I thought it to be my Kindle. From philanthropists, Dr’s my feelings were doodled. There lay me the contradictory … More Fantasy

Perks of being 22

I need to scream, shout and yell till my lungs dry out cause I’ve turned 22 yesterday. What’s so great with aging? No by being young always. By being abstract and self-centered. Well! Hello hi aye you might be knowing me as a creepy stalker, a distant dreamer and an adorer of unnoticed things. Life … More Perks of being 22

Shiuli- the queen that blooms at night

  “Dhalta Chand karei eshara. Suraj tu hai kaha”?( The Moon sets and asks the Sun, “where is he”)?  Love comes with a cost of betrayal, suffering, loss and yet it blooms after the curse.  My aunty’s Whatsapp status quoted “ Shiuli blooms in our garden”.After seeing the ancestral Shiluli  the Parijat, as  Bengalis affectionately … More Shiuli- the queen that blooms at night

Apart from the fact that a hot Punjabi couple next to me at the corner seat were kissing loudly throughout the movie, and a decent guy whom I judged to be decent came solo for the movie and was cute sat next to my seat Veer Di Wedding was a real cliche but entertaining loud … More

( This piece was inspired after meeting my best friends Eeshan and Vaibhavi whose ear wax may have dried after listening on the topic of marriage from me but they still listen). “Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu,Qubool hei and Yes I do”. These are some of the phrases that have become my obsession. So you might have … More