( This piece was inspired after meeting my best friends Eeshan and Vaibhavi whose ear wax may have dried after listening on the topic of marriage from me but they still listen). “Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu,Qubool hei and Yes I do”. These are some of the phrases that have become my obsession. So you might have … More

Dear Crush

Dear crush, your eyes were the spectator. Amidst the shackles of hope a traitor. Was it a sin of stalking? That I now felt like blocking. Credits :Snapchat Fancy lights of I love you gave joy. Showcasing love to the broken didn’t coy. From Facebook to Instagram your love was smitten. Cheesy lines and films … More Dear Crush

Silently yours

I have never watched any Varun Dhawan’s film but I had to watch October with my childhood and school friend because Shoojit Sircar’s story stirs the soul. Dhawan and Sircar film is a battle between the inter and intrapersonal self of the human. Less is more and October is just not a romantic story. Less … More Silently yours

Ego and Shoes Outside

Attachment is the greatest cause of happiness and misery. How would you know that you have encountered misery? When your ego starts talking over your self.  It is a natural tendency for humans to expect. From thoughts, desires are churned and from desires, expectations emerge. What happens when those expectations are not fulfilled? When reality … More Ego and Shoes Outside