The Harsh Reality

We all live in this dreamy world where imperfections are mirror images.What if everything that you ever dreamt came true? What if your dream’s were not the manifestations of your deepest hidden desires,fears..What if dreams were what practical life was….

Psychology says that dreams are cumulative collections of those hidden thoughts which lie things which destroy the human conscious it’s considered to be bad or as I say it’s like some taboo.

Why can’t we infere…why do we human’s live in this make believe world..We need to open our eyes right so that we know what’s right and what’s not as reality has it’s own beauty my fellow beings…Accept it and deal with it.


9 thoughts on “The Harsh Reality

  1. Maybe it is because dreams exist, we are able to differentiate between our hidden fears, desires and wants and the actual factual harsh reality? A taboo is necessary to differentiate between what’s not a taboo and what is taboo. In the end the answer lies within itself. Dream reasonably! As you said, deal with it.

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    1. I agree with you Priyasy Bokadia but we don’t or cannot have the control over our dreams unless we know what our hidden fears are or change the way we think because there are millions of thoughts which run over our mind,to some which we don’t give importance get’s transferred into the unconscious and comes out in our dreams. 🙂

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      1. Human Race can never have control over their thoughts with respect to dreams and that’s for sure, isn’t it ?
        And if we had control over our dreams we would have never believed in Bollywood Romantic Movies, ha ha !

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    1. I so agree with you,the human mind has a complex mechanism,and due to soo many dreams that we see,we tend to expect too much right,and hardly some of those expectations get fulfilled. 😛


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