The sky was blue, butthe clouds were few.

                                THE  SKY WAS  BLUE  BUT  WERE  THE  CLOUDS  FEW ?

   And the last and final call was made for all those passengers who had forgotten to check the display screen for the departure of the Flight Number A324,Go Airlines which was scheduled to fly from New Delhi to Leh Ladakh. The beautiful old woman walked in a hurry towards the Terminal Gate as she adjusted her rimless spectacles.All the passengers along with the old woman started boarding the  magnificent Aeroplane ,as she waited for her followers. The young boys,the middle-aged Uncle’s,and the would be fiancees of the pretty gossiping ladies started blushing as the Air Hostesses welcomed them with their infectious smile and showed them the restful path towards the lustful destination.After all the safety instructions were showcased,the pilot commanded over the mike that the flight was now ready for the take off.The old woman had that cheerful gleam in her eyes as she sat besides the window seat and watched the world go by as the plane slowly built up it’s speed at the lonely runway within a span of time.

The whole grand city of New Delhi now looked like a row of tiny little creatures scurrying over everywhere.The old woman was relishing every sip of the Cappuccino until the pilot announced that the weather en route was not very pleasant.The bad weather had dominated the sky.The hot aromatic smoke from the cup of cappuccino had blurred the glasses of the old lady’s spectacles.She wiped off the haziness from the glasses and sported them again as her gaze went outside the window.She couldn’t see clearly from her window seat, the distant lightning in the sky ,the cry of the rains as the blanket of clouds had created a  bleak image of a thick fog and a smog in the scenery.Passing through an altitude of 30,000 meters above the sea level,the vision of clarity started fading away.It seemed as if the storm of the weather deliberately robbed away the hungry stare of clarity from the eyes of the old woman.

The flight was now flying above the territory of the Himalayan Ranges.The ferocious mountains were screaming for reaching more heights,as the old woman peeped down from her window seat,to understand the silent message of the great ranges,who wanted her followers to look at her,but the shadow of the villain just wouldn’t allow the clear view of the blue sky.Amidst all the drama,the flight mysteriously had a safe landing.There was a lot of chaos as everyone was eager to remove their luggage’s from the cabin and descent down at the majestic runway of the Ladakh Airport.The old woman was the last one to get off the flight.She turned back,removed her rimless spectacles and took a look at the Hovering Ranges only to find that the weather also changes.



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