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Hey! can you tell me the way towards the practical lab asked John in his masculine voice to Luca as she hurriedly wore the crisp white overcoat,tied up her hair and pinned up the buttons for the Chemistry Practicals.

It did not take much time for the Chemistry to spark off between Luca and John,it was like igniting the burner and testing the test tube with the aromatic chemical poured inside it,for a reaction.Such was the rap developed between the new love birds in college. John had a vivid and a dynamic personality.A charismatic charm with a chiseled gym toned body adjusting to the tall broad frame of this hunk was more than enough for the innocent beauty to fall in love with this man and be head over heels impressed.Eventually she started spending a lot of time with John everywhere,as his tall broad frame,good looks provided her an air of security in her dreamy world.  9 months passed away for the two souls for completing the tenure of togetherness.There was a change in the air as it now smelt of charred smoke. IMG_20150628_1[1]

Survival together under the same roof now became critical as Luca discovered John’s Grey shades to his personality.She found out the diary which had the photos pasted of John with his other girlfriends. Luca discovered his sides of being possessively flirtatious and the promise of commitment with the other chicks including Luca’s best friend. John’s Multiple Unknown Personalities overtime now created Luca’s nightmares.John was double dating. With tears burning down her eyes Luca penned down the last entry in her diary “Relationships revolve around the compatibility between the souls”.The souls should understand each other’s nature if they want to have a future. The fire burnt the pages of her written memories in the diary about the happy,hopeful time that she spent with John,until she departed to the departure lounge of disbelief. With the cigar in his hand John ripped open his T-Shirt which had the portrait of Luca,and showed off the freshly inked tattoo on his chest which read out boldly and loudly ” WHEN THE HISTORY IS GONE,THE CHEMISTRY DOESN’T MATTER BABY” !



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