Forgive The Mess

Source : insecuritus
Source : insecuritus

Perfection is Imperfection! and being perfectly imperfect is the beauty of perfection. I really don’t know how do you define perfection in your urban or rural dictionary,unless you show off the signs of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as I term it,but then even in that disorder the quench of perfection still exists! Yeah,we are all imperfections who are all boundย to make countless mistakes which is all okay!

When I was a kid my compass box inside my tiny little bag just comprised of an eraser and two pencils.Today! I realized the value of the eraser to the pencil.With the pencil you give shape to your drawings,you sketch out imperfectly your thoughts onto the paper which also witnesses the spelling mistakes committed by you as you learn the art of framing sentences.It is at that time when the eraser comes out from your compass box and as a helper it erases out the flaw and forgives you for your mistakes.Just like a pen is totally incomplete without the ink,in a similar way the pencil is also incomplete without the eraser.

Source : Nayyirah Waheed
Source : Nayyirah Waheed

Everybody messes up someday ain’t got no rhyme or reason baby! There will be people who won’t respect your expressed emotions,they will make fun of your emotions,there will be success and failure stories in every corner of the wall,there will be the harsh tone of rudeness in the ruthless words,there will be pieces of glasses shattered on the floor and then there will be you who shall either choose to be a sufferer or a re leaser.Seek forgiveness!even if your ego speaks aloud,let it bark off.You can’t expect everyone to behave in your expected way darling. You are an imperfect piece of Art,Forget,Forgive,Relive and happily make mistakes,but don’t forget to learn from them.


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