The Talk On The Road With The Tree

Source: whereaboutsphoto
Source: whereaboutsphoto

Once I walked a lonely road

With nothing but a bag of my own.

My body just had the mere essentials of jewelry and make up

As I wanted to learn the art of break up.

The road on which I was walking by

Was accompanied with the eeriness of the strong winds gushing by.

The barren land had just one tree

I frowned looking at him,as he was free.

The Gigantic tree had the heartiest laugh,as he looked at me and said

Go On Friend! The Road Will Never End!

My cheeks had turned Red due to the sweltering heat

But the laugh of the sole tree did beat off the heat.

His dark shades were as light as the shadow

I rested beneath his branches and spoke to him like a mad oh!

The lonely tree had a great story to tell

As he found his companion and recreated the spell.


8 thoughts on “The Talk On The Road With The Tree

  1. It’s next to impossible for me to explain how beautifully every sentence was written.The road ,the tree, and me were my own picture,I could feel everything like it was my story.
    I think that’s what all great poets are capable of doing,creating empathy. 🙂

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