Love!! A boisterous and a silent language of expression…

IMG_20150726_2[1]   The dark night overpowered my pensive thoughts,as the windows clattered roughly against each other giving out a rattling sound. I was disturbed by their music,which was accumulated by the blanket of the darkness, which blanked out from my vision, the other pair of my slippers, so I quietly walked towards the window pane in my usual pajamas’s, with my naked feet stamping on the cold hard floor.  I looked towards the window pane and saw the greatest friend of affection and the greatest betrayal of faith sitting besides on the window, with a cigarette in his hand. It was none other than Love who had just dropped by as he got along with him the darkest of the darkest night. It was a fiery night to remember, as Love spoke to me in his utmost tone of solace,throwing around the aroma of his cigarette’s fumes. As he puffed out the smoke in a circular manner,he told me that he was situated within every human on this Earth, but then he told me that  there was nothing of the same kind that exists in this universe, he was unlike one of them who too possessed that Multiple Personality Disorder as every human expressed him in their own language.

He told me on how people possess his types,some suppress their ego, as they are never bothered in knowing about the other side of the Truth so bravely they just go ahead and showcase all those feelings that are drowned within the Arteries and the Veins of their Hearts. For some to pretend to be in love was a kind of love and for some the unspoken,unheard gestures, silent words of expression towards the object of  attraction was love,and that’s where I found out the the other pair of my slippers. As he handed me the other pair of my slippers, he told me that it wasn’t always necessary to express up the bottled up emotions through words,as he proclaimed that silence too had the greatest power of confession,as you  do not wish to cage the happiness so you let it go silently like the thin air caressing and streaming  your skin and going away.

And there I turned back, leaving the other pair of my slippers on the window pane as I let Love go away as he dropped on his way towards a passenger stuck on a highway whose name was Silence who never had any license for the unspoken violence. And there I realized that Silence was the girlfriend of Love, who would never leave her side as he promised to be with her, because she was the one who would never die.


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