Countless Thoughts After Coffee

Stop wasting your time meaninglessly on that crap piece of technology screamed the voice from behind,as she updated her next status on Whats app which read as “ Sometimes I like Coffee more than I like people”. The strike on the word Sometimes by Anaya puzzled my mind,luckily I was online and peeped a view at Anaya’s status who had a constant habit of updating it in every 2 hours.

My inquisitive mind made me ask Anaya the reason behind her liking towards Coffee more than the liking towards people, and this is what she told me Siddhi!! you know it’s a ritual at my home,as the clock strikes at 6 pm I screech out my voice “Maa!! Coffee” ” Tumhi na banale,aami banachi” said Anaya in her Bong accent. I Google translated her Bengali lines and found out the meaning which read out as ( if you are not making I shall make). Anaya always knew in the back of her mind that Maa would always present her favorite Coffee in her Brown Mug which was gifted by her boyfriend on  her 18th Birthday. The aroma of Coffee from the kitchen drowned Anaya partly as she was all ready to be High!! Plugging her Skullcandy into her Iphone the background music blasted out the lyrics of Enrique’s song “Maybe I am addicted and all I really know,that your the drug that keeps me from dying” as she sipped the drug of Caffeine slowly and steadily as it drenched her blood and signaled the Brain to vent out the unconscious thoughts of Anaya as she spoke to Annabelle who was her favorite doll,which she had received in her 5th Grade. Anaya believed in sharing her thoughts with her doll and diary. She spoke on how she loved helping the mean,attitude filled pretty people, how she fluently chatted sarcasm with her Boyfriend, how she wished to never grow up or be rich or famous, on how she hid her weird personalities from the poker faced people. The effect of Caffeine was soo high that it made Anaya forget the pain given by the regular fights which she had with her Maa and Baba.

The maison in which  Anaya lived was Gigantic. Her family was very well settled and were highly academically oriented. Anaya spoke to Annabelle as she sipped the last sip of her Coffee ” Senorita!! I just want to live up a simple life,but I do want to fulfill Maa ,Baba’s expectations, but for that tell me that you will help me for getting the hopes down to reality. And as she plaited her  doll’s hair and put up the red lipstick on her soft lips Anaya said ” I will always be high to keep you off my mind, I shall always be mine and only mine, will you come with me over a glass of wine read the blood stained lines which were left over the wrist as the countless thoughts after Coffee left the effect of the blade high!!!


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