The Versatile Blogger Award

For the first ever time to my utmost pride I get this Golden opportunity for getting nominated for such a prestigious,extravagant, excitement filled Blogger Award. Thanks a lot Alisha for giving me this memorable chance as I seize the keyboard and type out on my own self, which was a pretty task in itself!!

Here are the rules:
🔥 thank the person who has nominated you.
🔥link their blog to your post.
🔥write 7 random facts about you.
🔥nominate 15 great bloggers.

💖seven random facts about me💖

1) I am the only exceptional one in my family who is a hardcore vegetarian,which is the main reason for my love towards Food like a Dude. You know if travelling was free you would never ever see me again as I love getting wanderlust in all seasons.

2) Coffee, Music, my Smartphone,and my headphones are my drugs which keep me out of the Harsh Reality which makes me wander away from the world of loudness,into the world of my thoughts.

3) I am such an Extrovert that if given a chance I would love being friends with all the living beings existing on this Earth and the Non Living objects with whom I have special relations.

4) When I am high I am talkative more than the word itself and when I am low I am louder than the word Silence! because I am not what I show, as I proudly say I wish I could be invisible,know who the real people and the fake one’s are as I possess the magic of having multiple secret emotional much desired Personalities.

5) My actions define myself of being a hopeless romantic,but when I get attention I just throw it away. I love speaking fluent sarcasm deliberately, I hurt the feelings of people too easily because in serious times I have the bad habit of Laughing Out Loudly because laughter keeps me away from the truthful pain. I trust people too easily,love listening to the lies even when I know the Truth,love to help the good,as well as the mean people. I believe in loving someone secretly sans confessions,because that’s the thing about pain,it demands to be felt.

6) I know that when Death shall hug me, I shall rest down peacefully with a smile as the greatest dream of mine,one of the things which I ever wanted to do before I die was accomplished.! My first ever trip out of India  to Europe was down in Reality.I had seen a different world, a different muse all together,and now the beauty of my dream dances it’s memories in front of my eyes each day. I had fallen in love differently with this trip of mine!!

7) I am made up of my own craziness which has loads of sweet wine,insanity and everything’s fine. 27th August is my day totally because it’s my Happy Birthday,amist all the 365 days I am the happiest on this day 😛 .Okay!! Your eyes just caught hold of my secret treasures as I shared the spill of my 7 major secret wonders. Sssh!!! Keep silence and carry on, What are you waiting for.. I am done darling Goodbye!!! :*

I further nominate :

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  2. LifeEventsObservation
  3. bharamdev
  4. ashishvision
  5. devikaagarwall
  6. priyasybokadia
  7. karandave28
  8. crossovertheroad
  9. dirtyscifibuddha
  10. sanetripper
  11. poetryonaroll 
  12. twinkleluthra
  13. uditmiglani
  14. moonworld
  15. doublepoet

6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations for the award… 🙂 Please inform the nominees by posting a comment on any of their post otherwise it may get unnoticed as I was also not aware for getting the award. 🙂
    By the way thank you so much for the nomination… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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