Break Up To Patch Up

I did not realize the pain of the break up until he proclaimed to me “Baby! we need to call it a quit”. The consequences of my actions resulted in this fate as they say every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Oh! I clearly remember that day when I just barged inside my room after losing the temper and walked as if I was walking on the treadmill,and there boom!! My little toe finger of my left feet banged it’s face on the corner of the villain – The Stool. There was the shoot of utter pain throughout the day but my nature of ignorance did not give me any gain. My craze for walking gave me the warning bell as I sensed that I could not normally rhythm up my feet to the road. As I looked down, to my amazement I saw my brown feet Β beneath my favorite slippers had the colors of Purple,Blue painted as the toe finger now looked like a Pot Belly.

The doctor was calling me told my 6th Sense,my deja vu turned into reality,as the handsome hunk held my finger and proclaimed ” Congratulations Your Bone Just Broke Up With You”. My world came crashing down as the excruciating pain added on glory. The cure to my pain the healer the good looking witty doctor plastered my feet completely,rolled over the cast and gave me the list of those various pain killers who were like sedatives as even in my sleep I could hear the sweet words of the doctor “You won’t hop around for 2 weeks”,but only sleep and only sleep!! but that was not my concern,as my only worry was somehow I wanted my bone to patch up before my birthday. I had to protect my breakup from the Antagonist the Rains!! and so I limped around with extra protection. I loved the extra attention,care that was flowered on me when I walked to school in the speed of a Turtle. I did not listen to my mom’s advise who told me ” Don’t go to school please,heal with the breakup!” but instead marched on to school walking with my fractured feet,even when she told me please go in a rickshaw or at least use the life in school,but my love for walking slashed them away as I wanted to show off my fractured feet.

The torture of sweetness given by the breakup ended its tenure after a month when that attractive doctor took the next X Ray report and said ” Congratulations! your bone has patched up with you”,this was the birthday gift which was gifted by the good doctor,as now I could happily blow away the candles of my upcoming birthday with my partner

” My Cracked Bone”.

Disclaimer: Β This is based on a true story which in reality had happened with me. Did you ever experience the pain of a fractured bone.. U mm!! did you ever have a breakup???


14 thoughts on “Break Up To Patch Up

  1. I got someone who did sail in the same boat like me. Indeed!! the cast is like a trouble maker,it plays pretty games with the bone. I agree attending school was not easy for me too, 😦 but then that’s the thing about pain it demands to be felt πŸ™‚

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