Being 19


It’s just been 3 days for me being 19

The rays of the last year of being a teen has been very keen and mean .

The excitement started swelling up from the night of August 26th

As the advanced wishes of *Happy Birthday* popped up everywhere amidst .

Yet I waited patiently for the clock to strike 12

Until I heard those strange whispers saying “Darling you are now 19”!Oh!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!!

I ignored the whispers as I wanted to seize the day

And live a day in my truthful way,without wearing the mask which was a pretty task.

The abundant wishes from the family,friends,foes,crushes,and from my love made me proud

As the lines “Happy Birthday Siddhi”!! made me drown without the frown .

The surprises from the good one’s left me speechless

The manipulative,mean,weird world was not even that emotionless.

I was blowing the raging flames away in happiness

And Death laughed and said ” I take away a year from your counted happiness”.

I knew I was growing old

But no one told me whether to be mature or bold

The day was well spent with the family and friends

Merrily I posted the pictures of being 19 like any other trend .

The older I got the more I realized what really mattered in life

And being 19 made me realize that life has it’s own slice and is like a game of dice .


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