Mind You!!


I saw a part of the living creatures on the planet marrying Procrastination,as I heard these lines on the road ” I told you right sooner or later I will do it, but not today please!! I will do it tomorrow. I was yet to figure out what the person promised to do tomorrow,maybe the person might have promised to marry the alien tomorrow, or might have thought of  scoring the goal tomorrow,or may have thought of telling them the truth and going away tomorrow. My ego said ” Haha ” !! you little fool do you think that tomorrow will ever come? Here we don’t even know what time has stored for us for the very next minute and we are very happy with relying on tomorrow. Stop relying on that tomorrow, it’s never going to come. You know a monkey always thinks of building her house on the tree,but the thought of the hard work going in building the house tells her that leave it bruh!! I will build my house tomorrow,and till date the monkey has just been wagging her tail on the tree, being homeless but holding on tomorrow.

The most common line that my mind always tells me is ” Time hei yaar,chill na kyu etna stress leh rahi hei,maza karna aaram sei”. The mind deceived me in her speech. She’s known as the organ of intelligence,but let me tell you the brain is the most cunning organ of the body. She will always ensure you that you be under her control. For example: if you decide firmly to wake up as soon as the alarm barks,you firmly wake up but if you switch off that alarm and continue the planned work you win, but if you switch it off and put on that quilt and snore again I am sorry to say you have lost the game and you have just allowed the seat of intelligence to dominate you. The brain will tell you sleep baby sleep,you have time to start off with your work. And the poor soul obeys the misleading orders. It’s not at all an easy task to remain firm on your words,because the brain has the control key to your body,but you know there is nothing that can’t be changed. So if you have decided upon to get your plans into action, don’t give it a second thought just do it! Be like that footballer whose sole aim is to score the goal anyhow. Let me tell you as easy as it was for me to type this article, and for your eyes to read it on with or without your spectacles,the journey of you controlling your mind would be a challenging task. Be the master off your mind and not the slave and if you conquer this you will not be a busy person,you won’t be overburdened  by the guests of deadlines,stress,tensions,worries.You also won’t accuse time of leaving your hand by saying “waqt nahi hei yaar”. Plan up your life well sweethearts,let not the the mind control, dominate your thoughts, take a divorce from procrastination.Even after divorcing him if you get the thought of ” I quit because I have this huge attitude of my mind which tells me that do it tomorrow,tell her this ” I quit my plans of doing it tomorrow,for I shall start from today.Believe me buddies there is no guarantee of a tomorrow,and even if there is a tomorrow it will make you lose out on a lot of good things!! So stop escaping from your duties,responsibilities, kiss your mind and say mind you!! I won’t  allow you to go in a relationship with tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Mind You!!

    1. It depends on the situation for sure.I really believe in the fact that promises made to your friends can equally be broken or maintained as you will keep it to yourself,it’s just that staying committed to the object demands tolerance,patience which can be equal.


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