Hi I Am Rude Honest

Courtesy : Truthful Jokes

I got off the stairs from that old building

Plugged in the headphones to the mobile and started fidgeting.

Were the rains being rude because he never apologized for pouring

As I wore my windcheater and tip toed on the puddle soaring.

I was too happy like a little champ because I had cheated on the winds

Oh!! the dark night just had the street lamps and his footprints.

I quietly engulfed the sadness until I heard some strange voices

As if they were speaking on their choices.

And there from a distance I saw “Honesty” and “Rude” fighting

Until I gazed up and saw the dance of Lightning.

The thunder told me both of them were her friends

As limitations of tolerance was her trend.

I went and asked her with an inquisitive mind what do you like soul ” Being Rude” or “Being Honest”

In an anguish voice she told me HI I AM RUDE HONEST.

I quite didn’t understand what she told me,so I nodded in false affirmation and quietly walked down

As soon as I turned around I saw the girl breaking down.

I didn’t know her story,but knew the cause of her being sad

Maybe because she was honest?,or because she was rude?

Was there a difference,or did both of them cost her a heavy price dude!!!


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