Don’t!! Hold On

IMG_20150920_1[1] You will be surprised by the way they treat you

Some will bowl you some will kill you and some may mold you.

But the same treatment won’t be reciprocated

Then the difference between thyself and them won’t be appreciated.

The tank full of emotions, logic practicality

Deals with the mother of reality.

Let them play as many games as the they want in different levels

If someone plays with you become unavailable.

People change. Seasons change.

Holding on to them won’t stop the rains.

Set up your boundaries baby know your limits

Let go off everything that breaks you and makes you timid.

And even if you throw away your priced possession

Hug happiness and grab the chance.

Tears may stroll down thy’s face

But know it thy’s possession had a pretty face with a false mask who had a dark task.


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