Go Add And Subtract


It was not until the custom officials at the Airport told me, Mam your baggage is obese, you need to subtract some of the necessities from your bag ad deploy it to the other one, and that’s when I realized I really needed to subtract things from my bag which were occupying unnecessary compartments.

I realized too many of us carry unnecessary burdens with us in our life. I see people telling me Siddhi!! I don’t know whether I will get a good job, a good partner, the kind of life I always desired, whether I will live up to my parents expectations, and the worries, but tell me how would life be if you would be care free would be free of the stress hovering you.

I always cribbed about how heavy my school bag was always but after I joined up college the bag became lighter and the bag became brighter. Subtract all those things from your life which keep you stagnant. Sadness and Happiness is a part of your life. Subtract the negativity, the thoughts in your small brain train it to regain it’s fame.

Till then I will learn the art of addition and subtraction and maybe some fraction.


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