Is it necessary for you to be in a pair always

Oh someone tell me either ways.

Does the Heart ache for longing

Oh please it shall still beat even if it does not have a belonging.

You see them walking on the road

In a troupe or with a pair unknown?

He walks alone when the deadly night begins

Until a passerby stops and switches on the light.

She stops and asks him ” WHY ARE YOU WALKING ALONE”

He gives her a silent smile and she mourns.

You think I am alone the hoarse voice yells

See The mightiest of the mightiest Wind, all the phases of the Moon dwells.

The passerby walks away merrily with her arm wrapped around her Hero

Giving him the look which resembled the sight of a lush Green meadow.

He turned behind to look at them

Only to see that they had a label behind their back which read ”  DON’T BE WITH THEM”!!

The brisk walk, his gazing eyes did all the talk

Their eyes exchanged the silent letters scripted through the chalk.

The anguished wind blew too hard, as again the man walked alone and smiled

As he told me – Sweetheart!! being with your company or being alone is equally divine!!


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