How do you travel daily they asked

The tall fellow said the way you complete your task.


They traveled through the airways, waterways

OH!! that dear lad adopted the roadway.

I asked him once ” Why do you allow the scorching Sun to hurt you

He sang the line ” Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”,PHEW!!

Just like the Moon does not have her own light

Her beauty dwells because someone else makes her bright.

Beauty!! Beauty!! Beauty!!  he whispers as he looks at the Moon’s eyes

Conversations moved along in the path of darkness,and the winds smiled.

That special night sparkled the beauty!!

Before bidding goodbye he said ” go away sweetly!!”

He again walked on the Rough Road

Before leaving her with the tough words on the Cold Road.

I saw droplets of emotions dropping down from his eyes

But when I looked at her she was drinking the BLOODY WINE!!.






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