You Exams You!!


What do you imagine with the thought of exams. Do you feel excited about it, just as you would see your favorite dish appearing on the plate. Tell me your opinions! Few of the most common things that happen before the semester exams are:

  1. Your college, class group on Whats app shall be the most active during your exams. You really don’t need to worry  even if you don’t know the syllabus, or are the pretty bunk master at college, your Whats App group will help you with all the kinds of doubt that you ever had.
  2. Uploading statuses like ” Do NOT DISTURB!! Exam Time. Study Mode On”. Oh yeah those happy, cry baby kind of smileys are a good accompany.
  3. You shall see many astrologers, Pandit’s during your semesters on your social media groups,who would start predicting, or guessing the probability of the question arriving.
  4.  If you see someone asking for a supplement in the exam hall, or if you are the one who asks for it, the kind of look that you get is more than enough to complete your dreams.
  5. Sign language and your semesters paper in the exam hall. Oh wait that’s a personal question right.
  6.  If your teacher gives you the question bank, that’s what the students feel ” Money has been credited to your account”.

Like seriously? Please go and breathe some perfume if you feel that you won’t get a good job placement if your GPA does not have fantasy. No tell me  what’s placement for you oh the luxury of getting salaries in crore? lakhs? millions? billions?? Why does the youth feel so stressed  out at the thought of exams. You study  many hours a day to crack the competitive exams, as the theory goes if you get good grades, you get a good job, own house and you are well settled. Working hard and working smart is the key to success. Instead of having sleepless nights, thinking about your GPA, or where you will land if you fail in the exams or cannot achieve your goal, sweeties believe this that exams are just the game of knowing what you have learnt, experienced. Be ambitious, get out off this theory that only toppers get good jobs in life.( I don’t know how you define them). Ask yourself when was the last time you smiled openly, when as the last time you laughed really hard. Don’t have a 1 sided balance in life. If your mind is happy, free spirited you have the courage to take your exams as your babies. Stay ambitious, firm but at the same time worry less, smile more! You won’t be unemployed because each one of you out there has the guts to get what you deserve. That’s the best!!!!!!! The human mind loves the art of comparisons because we can never be satisfied with our beats.. You may have a  smart ass but you shall show as you if you have a round bottom. But then you know even a smart ass gets it’s going tough when the poop is constipated. So whether your grades are smart or round whether you have  or have not achieved accolades from your Internships,would  you care from your  Heart? You would if you are a money minded person, but then ” MONEY CAN BUY ONLY YOUR DESIRES”.









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