Happy Birthday Madhu!


This poem is sincerely dedicated to my dearest friend Madhu Jain. As today is her special day, because it’s her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Finally the clock strikes at 12.00 Am

Marking the last day of the year man!!

31st December 2015, is the day

My last blog entry of the year has it’s own way.

Few friends glitter like gold

I would cherish my friendship with you Madhu till I grow old.

You are that kind of friend Madhu, whose qualities I wouldn’t even find on any site

I would never sell the friendship for any diamond,platinum or for any quoted price.

In the year of 2014 I had joined college

Lost in a new world of whose I had no knowledge.

Today it’s your day Madhu

And you turn all of 19 bravo!!

Your caring nature has a texture

Your philosophy has a gesture.

College life is bland without your company

The gallery of my phone is hopeless without you bunny.

I can recollect the countless memories we had

Clicking selfies, having food just made us mad.

You have double reasons for celebrations

As in few hours the new year starts with a new mark.

You were born on a very special day

Happy birthday Madhu, celebrate it on your bay.

You know the whole of me

The kind of friend who doesn’t sting like a bee.

A priceless gem you are

I wish you all the goodness, prosperity even from the bar.

The sole woman who understands ,interprets the rhythm of the tones of my voice

Today for the 1st time I dedicate a poem for the 1st time to the friend of my choice.

My eyes haven’t seen a beautiful woman like you

Lucky is your mother to have a daughter like you.

You are my diary Madhu

To whom I speak my mind out

You know the real me

Today on your birthday  I want you to dream.

You complete the empty space of a real sister in my life

I can’t keep calm, because it’s my best friend, best sisters birthday.

I trust you like the walls of the Great Wall of China

Your words glisten my ears like the chirping of a Myna.

I will keep my ego aside for you always

And would remember you,adore you until my death makes ways.

Happy 19th girl

May the best wishes whirl!!!!!



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