( This poem is sincerely dedicated to a little Labrador named Jingshu, who stole my heart.   Au Revoir!! is the French word for Goodbye.)

Mishtu! Mishtu! mom called out one fine day.

Before ringing the doorbell, I had to obey.

Come down Mishtu said Maa in a happy voice

I was perplexed and I ran with my own choice.

I rushed down the flight of stairs.

Much I didn’t knew that I shall fall in love with his little stare.

That was the first time I met the little labrador

I asked his owner his name and she said JINGSHU!!

His name was gelled with the softest tissue

His charisma sorted out all my issues.

When I first saw him, he was a 2 month old boy!

Covered like a wrap around because  his loose motions had it’s annoy.

He looked at me with his twinkling eyes

Our eyes met,and the bond of friendship striked, I won’t deny.

Every time I chanted out his name

Jignshu became the name of fame!

Going down was just an excuse

Meeting Jignshu had the muse.

Me and Maa used to visit Jignshu more often

Living joyfully was his lesson.

But today maa had a soft voice

The grenades of her words shot without any poise.

Jignshu is shifting away permanently to Manipur Mishtu, maa said

My eyes became Red and the body became like a dry bread.

He was not just a dog to me.

For Jignshu taught me what life ought to be.

Maybe my friendship with him had it’s tenure

He may not even know that he made me forlorn.

I know that I shall miss him badly

But letting go is a part of life sadly.

Hopefully the little puppy would go to a better place now

Leaving behind blank spaces of his little paws, on the roads and on my scars.

Au Revoir Jignshu I say

I hope you woof out my name on your bay.

Keep jumping, being happy every time little one

Grow up soon Jignshu! I love you. You shall be missed by your near and dear one’s.




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