Do you know the pain of loss?

Is it horrendous than the voice of the boss?

Do you know the happiness of acquiring profit

It does burn out your calories and makes you fit.

Why do we cling on to things?

When we know what it brings!

Attachments cause melancholy.

Detachment casts no money.

You would earn profit little one, if you be wise.

You would earn loss respected one, if you play with the dice.

The law of nature is the mightiest.

Everything changes just like the fashion of the latest trend.

I lost my grandfather recently.

The heart had a hole punctured briskly.

He was the closest to the soul

Well someone loved him more than my soul?

Today!! I am all of 19.

Without my grandfather, this age wouldn’t be keen.

He lived a life worth his choice.

He made sacrifices so that I could call out my voice.

I was the tide, he was the shore.

He consoled my temper, whenever I roared.

Life and Death cannot be controlled.

For someone else has our remote control!


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