The King And The Princess


( Sharing my personal experience!)

The birds screech out each new morning and tell the truth- nevermore.

I still remember the day when I was born. According to the Hindu calendar it was Raksha Bandhan, Onam, and Ganesha’s festival was on the groove. I was known to be the festive baby, and I am yet happy of the fact that I share my birthday with Mother Teresa.

The first page of the old worn out rusted book, read the above typed lines. It’s quite difficult to understand the wails of an infant. As the old ink from the book read ” I had wailed out so loudly in the cradle of the children’s ward that all the babies who were born on that day gave me company and started crying with me. It was not until those soft palms became my tissue paper, and removed all the snort from my little nose, lifted me, consoled my tears and wiped them off my face. I looked at the direction of his twinkling eyes and gave my toothless smile. His soft palms carried me home,and filled my blood with secured love. I was nurtured like a sapling with those soft palms. The soft, wrinkled palms of the King cared for me more than a mother’a care for the child. I used to be sun kissed by the King, for the Vitamin D accompaniment. Starting from learning A, B, C,D , to knowing few alphabets of Bengali,to having a secret party with the King over samosas, pastries,raspberry ice creams,to going to the shopping mall and splurging on the favourite attire, to learning to buy good vegetables from the vegetable vendor, and learning bargaining, from learning to ride a tricycle, to a bicycle, to learning the art of playing Badminton, to Football, to cricket, to enjoying Lazania and quite dinners at restaurants, to walking hand in hand in the garden and playing in the swing together, and then purchasing dolls and balloons. Right from my infancy to being a toddler, to my teenage, to the age of my adulthood,the King had taught his princess to crawl, talk, walk, and had taught all remaining lessons of life, except for one.The King had fought his battle for his princess single highhandedly. I used to always crib in the morning when my King used to put ice cold water on my face to wake me up. Later he told me ” Princess! you need to always rise with the sun, burn to see the setting, and again rise up”.

Seasons had its fall. Days, to months, to years rolled down. ” I am leaving now Princess told my King one day”. Someone is calling me, and it’s my duty to go and understand the grievance. I said will you come back? The King said ” No! There is another Princess like you, who needs me.I told him alright then, take me along with you. The King said-” crazy little women!! you have to fight many more battles in life, and in those battles I am not invited. Remember little one what I taught you- ” love is selfless”, told my King to me. And the old page read the last entry on the day of my birthday. It said – 27th August, 2015 ” Happy birthday Mishtu! You are all of 19 now. I have made you capable enough to face the storms diligently. I have completed my duty, and would like to take a leave now. Within a few months my resignation letter would be sanctioned “. My selfish nature still had the wish- “only if the resignation letter was cancelled”.

Faith had its way. It obeyed the orders of my innocent King. You know the King and the Princess used to share everything. They were 1 soul in 2 different bodies. On the day when the King left for his new journey, without telling his Princess that he was going to leave that day, a coincidence happened. On the morning of 11th February, 2016- the day when the King left, the Princess had worn his favourite t shirt and his favourite trouser and told Dadu! Hahahaha.. look I think I have lost weight, your t shirt and trousers are fitting into my skin. Even with the pain in his eyes,my King blinked his eyes,looked at me and smiled. My King knew that he was losing his battle, but he wouldn’t be losing his princess. Dadu was cremated in the same Blue colored t shirt, and trouser which I had worn that day. The color Blue is a loyal and a royal color. Later on when I went to the hospital to see my King, he was yet looking handsome in that Blue coloured attire,with his closed eyes and the cheeks arching into the shape of a smile.And that’s how Blue became my favorite colour.

I wipe off my tears and repeat the words of my late grandfather who used to tell me “Princess! when a child is born, everyone laughs whereas the child cries. When the departure time of the child arrives,everyone cries whereas the child laughs. Though it’s been 19 years 6 months with you Dadu, even though you left to meet the other princess, the house feels empty, there is a void, the fragrance from your shawl,yet remains intact. Yet again these tears roll down my cheeks as I AGAIN READ A NEW ADDED LINE WHICH I HAD MISSED ON. IT SAID ”MISHTU!! ISN’T YOUR LOVE SELFLESS? THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME WRITE MY RESIGNATION LETTER FOR MY DEPARTURE. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME GO. I was to give him my answer, but he had already left.



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