One Last Time


Why can’t you wait oh time?

Are you on your dinner date with a glass of mine?

Why do you flow so steadily?

Till the time I realize your worth, you walk off briskly!

Oh time!! why do you give such pretty moments?

At the other fraction of the second, the heart laments.

The future is unseen, the past was mean.

The present is beautiful, but yet it’s deemed.

Words did touch the darkest corners of the heart.

Until you time tore them apart.

The leaves were joined with one twig.

Without caring about their monsters, they would swing.

” I am getting weaker day by day” said he twig.

Dangling down from the little brown stem, the leaves winked.

One last time? asked time.

Yes yes yes!! said happiness with the shot of wine.

Said the last leaf of my book..

” Do look back and take  a last look”.

Maybe you would be perplexed and would want more!

Until time would tell you  NOT ANYMORE!

For one last time said the droplets on the leaf.

For certain things in life did create a false belief.



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