Hi Human!!

Why do people crib about the things that they ever wished to have, but couldn’t get it? Why do people hold on to emotions which drain them out mentally, physically, psychologically? There are so many humans who have nothing with them, yet have a smile on their face, and there are one’s who have the worldly pleasures yet can’t brim out of suffering. Do you expect the universe to treat you, the way you treat the universe? Well even a princess or a prince, at some point or the other has to fight his or her own battles alone. Everyone at some point or the other commits sins, tell lies, cheats, tells the truth. Look at that runway. Look at that flight, see how it catches it’s own wings and flies high and alone!! It distances itself from the ground, for it knows that the ground shall not help in giving the wings of flying. Distance yourself from everything and anything that breaks you. You will be judged for that, shall be known as a coward too, but then you get to decide for  yourself for no one’s walking in your footwear. Humans are weird. They are needy! Once their need is over, they throw each other like a used condom, giving fake or real orgasms!!  There are exceptional s too, who wouldn’t be needy, but they are rare let me warn you rare very rare like an imaginary Blue Moon night’s time. Be alone, you don’t need anyone to complete you. Let the society judge you, typecast you, well that shouldn’t make you fall weak on your knees. Let shit be spoken on you, be unfaithful to negativity.


For I personally feel the problem with humans is that if their whims and fancies get a slap of a different kind, they tend to become hysterical. It’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay to be alone and embrace loneliness. It won’t drive you mad or put you into depression,but if you be behind, or constantly crave for their attention and time, where on the other hand you might just be an option for them, let me tell you such actions would kill you, drive you nuts. You are wise enough to realize whats good for you and what’s not. My ego tells me you little donkey..is there anything good or bad in this world? Isn’t it all about the way you handle situations… I tell my ego you witty fool if you see a puddle on the road, which is deep and if you fall mistakenly, from the next time you shall be careful and alert right? Okay but if you deliberately wish to commit the same mistake twice and hurt yourself, go on!! If you love pain do everything that gives you pain, but promise me that you won’t crib about it.  Be wise enough to realize your worth, the people you would suffer for, don’t sacrifice yourself for a mere fancy…everything doesn’t demand your time and explanations, grow with time, experiences for all that glitters is not gold sweetly!!!


Forgive everyone and everything sweetly. Never ever show your emotions to the world darling, the universe wouldn’t understand you, for everyone perceives through their level of perception…but again we are humans right don’t we like committing the same mistake twice? maybe we love the thorns which make us bleed more than the flirtatious Rose!!!


10 thoughts on “Hi Human!!

  1. I loved THIS! beautifully portrayed each and every trait.. yet when switching from one part to another, I could’nt really find a connection.

    But as a whole, this ones amazing

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t get the connection deliberately as I wished to scatter everything like a jigsaw puzzle, so that people like you who understand what I mean can join the words and find the missing clues. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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