Tomorrow may get sorrow

Currently I am bowled into a bowl of Tomato, Sweet Corn, Wanton soup. Sounds weird right? Well I am being churned into a blender with anxiety, worries, negative vibes why because I fell in love with  PROCRASTINATION!! It loves me so much that even if I want to breakup,it tempts me with it’s seductive goodness. Well being productive at unimportant things has it’s merits but, being non productive at important things calls melancholy. ” We all feel that we have lots of time in our hands”.  ” Why should I get up in the morning and workout, oh I will do it in the evening”.  “Why to complete the assignments so soon, I mean no one has even started, so I will do it later”.  “Come on man I have lots of time, let me have my innumerable selfies, posts on the social media and see if my crush, enemy, new found love has liked it or not”. You see we like to hold on till tomorrow, until the piles of work piles on and invites piles, unwanted stress and anxiety. Recently I was fired by my boss when I told him that ” I wouldn’t be able to come for work,as  I wasn’t giving commitment to my college assignments, which has piled to around 50, and I have a weeks time to  submit all of these. 


Don’t fall in a relationship with procrastination. Follow these breakup tips with procrastination,for I don’t want your life to be a bowl of soup, like mine is,nor do I want you to be fired by your boss for unnecessary reasons.


  1. You have to learn to manage your time. Browsing the social media is good, updating too many photos is also okay, but if your work gets affected, if you are compromising on that time, well it’s not okay!!
  2. Make a to do list for the most important task to the least important task you have to do in the day. You are the best planner. Do it wisely!!
  3. Reward yourself after your goals get achieved. Positive reinforcements work the best sweets.
  4. Don’t be an disorganized flirt. Organize your work in such a way that even your assignments feel proud enough to have you as the doer.
  5. Don’t waste your time by non constructive gossips on the virtual world. Well do it only if you have marriage, love oriented goals.
  6. Shoot at your goals like a goal keeper. Footballers have one aim in mind, to score by the right shoot. Channelize your day in such a way that you get time to take a stroll, work, enjoy entertainment. We have 24 hours by the mercy of the universe. A lot can happen in that baby!!

Time is like water darling. Don’t waste it because it is precious. Your mind will let you do the most unproductive work at the cost of your productive time, and destroy you. If you have self control you have mastered your mind. Successful people never say that ” OH I DON’T HAVE TIME” or ” I AM BUSY” because they don’t take the wine of procrastination. All of us like to dream, but only few make it through their dreams, because they do their work stress freely, and refrain away from getting into a relationship with procrastination.


11 thoughts on “Tomorrow may get sorrow

  1. The best I read today.. Procrastinating happens for few reasons like.. Work is over challenging for you, you do not have interest in doing what you’re actually paid for , laziness of course to go an extra mile to find solution.. Etc.. But then top most reason you gave is distractions like updating personal info on social media which is killing your productive time.. This happens in most organisation..

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    1. Thank you!! I so agree with you. Social media has it’s merits and demerits, but somewhere we tend to deviate from the reality and tend to love the virtual world. The need to be accepted,keeps us procrastinating with our priorities. For distractions look appealing right? 😉

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      1. Absolutely.. I follow this golden rule of 90 mins cycle.. I completely focus on the work for 90 mins and then take a break for 10 mins.. Socializing is good at your office but if you prolong the chatting with your mates for a longer time and gossip around more than necessary , again you get into trap of procrastination..
        And yeah virtual world looks more appealing for most of them who gets super addictive to fb and other social media platforms..


      2. Haha!! true that. You seem to be a well organized person then who knows to prioritize the personal, public life effectively. Humans tend to sway away with the words that chats possess, deviating away from the fact that words are treacherous poisonous elements. Trust the actions, not the words. If we learn to prioritize everything in life, we lead a sorted life. I am not stressing on a perfect life.

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      3. U nailed it. Yes I’m pretty organised .. I absolutely believe in prioritizing.
        If you don’t write your priorities in book of your life , somebody else would and you will have live by their priorities instead.. So have ur own.

        And then yes.. On the action part yes I’m a solution oriented guy so its always good when you not just plan things out but execute them too at the EOD

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  2. Hello Siddhi,

    That was some pretty good advice, it is easier said than done, but having advice like that can help as one tries to deal with this problem.

    -John Jr


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