Being 20


And there after on the 27th of August, as I cut this cake of my favorite flavor- HONEY CRUNCH I turned down 20!! My birthday is the most special day of my counted life,majorly for the reason that I get to celebrate an occasion which is purely dedicated to I, ME, MYSELF!! This was my first birthday without my handsome old man, my grandfather(Dadu). My old man would have surely loved to nibble up the cake with me.

Yeah! I was sad even on the day of my birthday, a human based emotion you see. A birthday without Dadu was like a birthday without the rains. Though I am thankful to the stars that he passed away peacefully, but then I missed him to the core,though my ego says that he is always with me in my heart(aah a philosophical line you see). Well then being 20 made me realize that you can’t hold on to anything in life. Be non attached, because the more you love, the more you suffer. Create beautiful memories, do as much of good as you can. I remember when I was in the 6th grade, I last had thrown a birthday party at home. Those birthday caps, balloons were all exciting. Well I yet get scared, if you burst a BALLOON in front of me. I can’t burst one you know!!

And this time after 10 years, I invited few near and dear one’s for my birthday treat.There weren’t any balloons, or birthday was a lunch date with the gang, sponsored by me. I am thankful to those who turned up, to everyone who called me, created a bed of flood on my social media pages with the birthday wishes which I loved the most. I missed those who couldn’t turn up. I thank each one of you for the pretty wishes. Being 20 made me realize that you have to know your priorities in life. Hormones are raging at this age. Life looks like a bed of struggle. Future looks uncertain. Bitterness towards love and relationships yet exist.Ego yet overpowers the Brain. Being shrewd, cunning, smart has the powers of beauty, for otherwise the world can chew you down in a smart way. Thank you Maa, Mashu( Aunty) for being the backbone of my life. My spine can never be erect without you folks. You don’t need to have many people in your life. Keep those who love who you are, not those who want you to change. My 20th birthday had a pretty ending, as I ended up getting a good phone, few good clothes, shoes,gifts, accessories, hogged on lots of cake, piled on amazing kilos.Yet I missed a gift which I wanted the most- only if someone could get Dadu back from heaven. Aah! being 20 says -” Let it go Siddhi happily”- Quoth the stars Nevermore!! Only if that God could bless my grandfather with a little more of life, today I would also have a selfie with my man in my new phone.Again being 20 says “can you not be emotional,sad and sound doped”. And I say yeah being 20 is ravishing, sexy. The kid within me yet wishes to run with the lollipop in the mouth, and hopes to fall and again rise like the shooting star of the universe!!


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