Move On like the Wind

Buddy!! Finally I am leaving for Tasmania. I made it up to the University which I had ever dreamt773283174-letting-go-moving-on-past-quotes-Favim_com-1864595.jpg of, he told to Natasha one fine day. Siddhi, ” I couldn’t even tell him how much I would miss him, and how much he means the world to me”, Natasha tells me, as she weens bitterly. I laugh out like a lunatic and say ” Nata! that’s how I call my introvert baby,are you really wasting the tears from your tear glands for a person to whom you never expressed your love, for you did choose to be that bitter, heartless woman who would refrain to show even the slightest feeling of affection. Yeah Siddhi “I know that, but I did expect him to understand the words which I never spoke, the feelings that I never showed. Okay so you expect Telepathy to workout? or your horoscope should get out some magic?

“Siddhi you are crazy”!! Nata tells me. You are mocking my feelings. “No Nata”!! I tell her. “I am trying to tell you that you need to move on with life…like MOVE ON LIKE THOSE FAST TRAINS WHICH SWEEP YOUR HAIR AGAINST YOUR SKIN, move on like the seasons, move on like the new attires you wear”. You may ask me, but Siddhi “I haven’t even confessed him anything, and you tell me to carry on”? I ask her tell me Nata honestly!! aren’t you constantly thinking about him 24 into 7 about your object of love, isn’t it losing your focus on your happiness? If you so are in love, go and confess your heart.No never Siddhi he is a liar, a cheater, a flirt,a already used person. Hahaha!! but still you like the old condom right? Siddhi!! she fumes in anger. I tell her, waste has to be put up in the dustbin, before it starts rotting. Go and confess your heart to the person who will break it, who will cheat onit, but then don’t complain about the negativity cause you were aware of his package. And if you can’t get rid yourself over the thoughts of someone who destroys you mentally, emotionally, you are a fool my dear to rip your beautiful life over someone who doesn’t care. Go live your life, do things that you love, yeah moving on is tough but then if you constantly train your monstrous mind, it too shall bow down.

Siddhi! you will never understand what love is..have you ever fallen in love ?Nata asks me, as she sits next to me in the car. I am driving when the music changes and the lyrics say  ” I have loved you for a thousand years”. I couldn’t answer my Nata’s question, but vivid memories do flashback. My subconscious tells me..Oh hello! you were talking on the subject of moving on, recycle bin starts jumping. Probably a thousand more memories need to be emptied will it take a day or a thousand more years? I stop the car and get out and look towards the sky and see a flight moving on. Natasha cries, the rains do pour on her heart, but then sunrise arrives as she lastly says ” I have died waiting for you for a thousand years, but not anymore”.


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