Shoo Away Stress!!

Dear Stress!! why do you put your booty in the Brain?

And give tormented pleasure without any gain.

Why do you trouble the poor little fragmented soul?desserts.jpg

Whose thoughts you master like a sponge plate of loopholes.

Stress!! why does the human love you so much?

Do you dress up like a beauty who can never be touched?

You make the present look sad, the future look scary and the past guilty.

I told you to not scare them, for your overdose was in plenty.

I command to you stress!! tell your friend to get rid of you.

He is slowly losing his sense of peace all due to you fool!!

Dearest human!! get rid of my friend named Stress.

I know he has troubled you all time, cause your Brain wanted him to caress.

You better chalk your life, get rid of those thoughts.

I will manage my friend and tell him to get lost.

You human you!! have to make a constant effort of stop worrying

For this little friend named stress has a habit of nagging.

He is jobless, and constantly craves a companion.

The Brain which calls him ,he seeks the passion.

Handle him lightly for he is a beautiful disaster.

Manage your life well..and he will leave your Brain like a bunk master.


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