Lazy Times.

“An idle mind,  is a devil’s workshop”. “Be a Lion, and fight your battles”.science-of-lazy

Rukhi again looks at her time table that she made up this morning. She had told me to give her a wakeup call. After snoozing off her alarm, she woke up and answered my 50th incoming call.  “Someone had promised me to start up with your days plan”,I ended up asking like the agony Aunty.A pin drop silence lingered on the phone. “Siddhi! You know I have become very lazy”. Rukhi told me on the phone once. I mean how does she define laziness I still couldn’t understand. I am just putting on more of weight Siddhi, as I have started hogging badly. I am over sleeping, and try to remove just ways and means of not doing my work.  I am unable to sort out my priorities the last talk on the phone yelled. The mind is like a dominant master. So what you end up thinking,  you  end up doing . We often end up being the slave of the mind. I have seen people making up timetables, promising to follow up new years resoutions, but end up getting distracted from their focus. Your mind is like a child. Just like the way you have to nourish your child with all good food,  qualI ties,  values your mind also has to be nurtured with good thoughts,people, atmosphere, food. Our mind is the greatest creator and the destroyer of  thoughts. You may want to scale the heights, but the mere sight may scare you. Oh my friend!  Once you have laziness induced in your system, no antibiotics can flush that germ out,  rather than you yourself. Time drinks a little wine. It gets high,and takes the risk taker’s for a ride, and the dreamers for a tide.

Somewhere I found out the struggle of Rukhi within me also. My mind laughs. It wants to control me, dominate me. Should I listen to my master? Or break his trust and leave him with wanting for more love, lustre and desires.


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