Those dancing droplets.

        Images credits: Lol.hug. com

The evening was going to kiss the dusk. 

The clouds had  swelled up it’s tusk. 

Drop by drop the water waved down.

It touched everyone, without the crown.

The sunny evening had turned gentle. 

Just like her soul which had won a medal.

The unexpected rains had made her sway.

All the pain had soothingly ran away. 

Jilted lovers held hands amidst the deluge.

The clouds seeped the warmth sans refuse.

Her walk in the rain was quite romantic.

The wet mud, leaves, and the road winked.

Her bag didn’t have an umbrella that day.

The deluge had made her strong. 

Together they had once walked in the rain. 

He was her armour “who wouldn’t say”?

She was like a cold wind who blew hard.

Her armour had a shadow of dark.

The pretty  memories with the rains faded.

She slipped through his hands and evaded.

He was like the rain, stormy and silent.

I had to walk with him to see him violent.

The droplets rained hard over her and me.

The tears too walked in the rain.

To set us free.

Walk alone or walk with the lover of rains.

To experience joy and the game.

 The rains had given a beautiful memory.

With no expectation,

For everything in life is temporary. 



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