Flashbacks of my lady.

This poem is extra special for me, as it is my first collaboration, with my childhood friend Jude Francis.Everyone has significant relationships in their lives. When relationships become too good for the soul, this is what happens.


With each passing day the memories rush by.

I wait for you at the same place near the tide.

Stuck at the time when your hands let me go.

The world had a hearty laugh on my show.

The dessert had left a dying light inside me.

Like the heat leaving you languish at night.

Did you ever understand my fiercest emotions?

The pen and paper then wouldn’t be in motion.

Do I regret loving, whilst I still do?

Could I rub off the memories which had you?

The exchanges from the heart I owe to myself.

For you did choose to let me go from thyself.

Every time that you let me down.

My moist eyes did scurf for you around.

I was a warrior of your action actions.

You ran away without even seeing my reaction.

The Heart of a jilted lover had solace.

For months I stood near the tide that raced.

When you were there to hold my hand.

I understood the meaning of true love.

My mind struggles to hate, but my Heart yet beats.

Alone I nurse the wounds which want to heal.

The Heart had a desire.

As you had set my beating organ on fire.

I felt the gush, I felt alive.

Oh! love I had lost hope,now I live longer.

May someday you find yourself in love.

As I found myself after I lost you, my Dove.


Thank you childhood friend for your valuable inputs. For only a childhood friend with whom you have played the most silliest and the adventurous games in the society could help you with a poem.  Thank you for the content.


Images credits :  lovegames.com

About Jude Francis :  An expressive ambivert. A fellow who prefers telling stories through photography, writing and music. 




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