A farewell to my Past.

Hey!there I am telling it to you my Past.

I am yet sad and cringy that you didnt last.

“I was a douchebag”, said the Present.

To lament over the innocent serpent.

Experiences made me bitter and wise.

I didn’t need Beer to see the sunrise.

Dear Past, you had drained me out.

Thank you future for turning around.

Keep working towards your goals.

Your Past will keep hugging  your pole.

Fall, rise, fall and again soar high.

Cry, laugh,be an introvert without sigh.

Walk ahead without turning back.

The Past will hug your mind on the track.

Do not bother about the last chapters.

Grow,bloom through its adaptions.

Don’t ruin your life by brooding.

Enjoy the Present, the future too is taxing.

Thank you Past for flying away.

I wish you luck all from the bay.


You taught me to love myself a little more.

To be selfless and never mourn.

I hope that you have a good life ahead.

Being someones favourite name in pain.

A part of my Heart will beat for you.

For you were a good lesson, my beloved.

Attraction is deceiving my friend.

Have a new beginning like a trend.

My Past, Present and Future walk alone.

To find a soul who can love them lone.

Enjoy every experience without desires.

Life is unexpected like a sattire .

Never control what flows away.

Accept change and love the new way.



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