Only if.

Only if you were present. You could take my gift with the crescent.

You would have been 23 years old, and I wouldn’t yet be decent.

Only if you were present I would take you across the 7 seas.

To show you the paradise which had only you and me.


Only if you were present would I have understood the meaning of love.

You were selfless in giving, and I a victim of trolls.

Only if you were present,then my problems wouldn’t have been problems.

For your protective guidance would vanquish away the biases of a lay man.

I need to know the reality, that I have never seen you.

Yet the blood ties conquer the unseen dew.

You came to this world this day, 23 years back to depart on the same day.

Didi! you attained Moksh on the day of your birthday.

Happy Birthday Didi! there isn’t a day when I don’t remember you.

I can’t myself call a single child, because I had my adorer that’s you.

You left me because you wanted me to take your place.

Take care of the family with dignity and grace.

I do cry, hymn a little prayer for you on this day.

Only if you were here, my life wouldn’t have been awaiting on the bay.



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