The quest at the Gateway Of India.


Let’s go back in the time travel to the era of the “Kaali Peeli”( Yellow taxis) dominance over Ola and Uber in 2017 along the bay of the Arabian Sea. It was the 13th of July 2006 when I decided to go on a date to the most famous tourist spot Of Mumbai, The Gateway Of India. This time it was my chance to narrow down the venue selection on the spot of the meeting.

As from the usual South Indian cuisines at Udipi restaurants to “Tapri chai”(roadside tea stalls).  I had decided to venture with him to the big U shaped tomb oriented flat gate constructed by the Britishers on the banks of the Arabian Sea. He had never visited the Gateway Of India because of no other lucky angel had yet entered his life. I remember we had boarded the train from Santa Cruz station till Churchgate station. From the station under the night sky, we took a Yellow colored taxi till we saw the neon lights of the Gateway sparkling for our gateway. The pigeons were yet fluttering in the neon sky cast by the prism of the lights.Amateur photographers wanted us to give a picture perfect pose to earn a pocket money. My armor wanted to spend enormously on me. So I shot him with the idea of taking a ferry ride. We wanted to go to the Elephant caves and JNPT(Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust) but instead made more beautiful memories in a speedboat.

The waves were gushing past our boat, the wind kissing and blowing our hair. I wanted to freeze the roller coaster moment in the sea.We then departed to sit on the brick-laden banks of the Gateway of India with the Arabian Sea as the backbone. Amidst the universe, I was with my universe. His toothless smile caring compassionate nature had made me his follower.Gateway Of India had fulfilled the dream of Dadu(grandfather) and my dream of spending quality time and seeking answers to the miseries of the world.


Today on the 11th February 2015 I again take the “Kaali Peeli” (Yellow Taxi). I again take the Kali Peeli taxi go back to the Gateway Of India and submerge.The ashes of my beloved Dadu. The ferry waits by the Arabian Sea is yet ferocious the winds push by. This time it pours and the droplets on my skin engrave “move on child”.


Source: Decosses Dynamite.


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