Picture your 2018

Do you feel that the uttermost crowd-pleasing class at the Stanford University is Computer Science? Absolutely not it’s a class called ‘ Design Your Life’ whose focal point is in the essence of our intimate health and happiness over and above earthly desires.


Source: looalpha.com

All of us tend to make New Year resolutions such as to lose weight, to gain weight, to stay calm and not lose our temper, to not procrastinate, to eat think and stay fit, to love yourself a little more every day, to do what we love doing, to explore life and get rid of our fears and inhibitions, to travel more, to not carry works burden more, to spend time with our beloved ones and to not think and let go.

Well, it’s not the twin kid to a New Year resolution. A New Year resolution bears the baggage that demotivates us to break the resolutions. Author Michael Hyatt who has written the book, Your Best Year ever tell. A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important goals tells us to remember that our life’s purpose is to be with lower stress and of the start to design our future that is on knowing what we want. All the specific variables of our goals to fit together in the first place but to not be a drifter and be intentional.


Source- ultraupdates.com

We can only change our future and not our past and there lies the beauty of planning and designing adage.  So let’s sit back and design the first quarter of 2018.


Source: qwertee.com

A) Explore: Beauty lies in the power of the consciousness. Discover why you want this year to be energetic on what inspires you through the grilling tiresome everyday tasks. If you think you precast about your laziness or follow the trend of procrastination. You are what you think. All the how’s will be useless until why’s are power-packed.


Source: reinery29.com

B) Here is the secret to the destinations jungle: You only seek what you look for. If you don’t look for, you don’t have a vision of what you want and even the universe won’t conspire you into giving the energy that is needed because energy sent is energy received. 


Source: Inspire your life.

C) Goal setting: Your goals should be like calling a spade a spade. Give the Grey matter in your Brain something to target on. Your goals should be like a Bull’s eye. Get accepted to new ideas, talks, outlooks, communications which will help you in broadening your prospect.


Source : The Funny Beaver

D) Expectations arise into the creation: It’s well said that your expectations manifest into your imagination. You reap what you sow. Your life is your creation. It’s like seeing the glass of life through the eyes of an optimist who sees it as half filled and a pessimistic who cribs on the glass being half empty. Your thoughts and actions determine the theatre and the setting of your life.


Source : Alexandra Agopian

E) Don’t image fancy. Get realistic: If you think that you shall sleep on the bed and not toil under the sun and would wish success to come and kiss your feet. Let it be a fancy and not reality.


Source- Tumblr

F) Follow the concept of small talks and big actions: Definitely, actions speak louder than words. Ink your goals and don’t just ponder over them. You would be in a maze of issues if you don’t write or think about your life’s planning. Then life will treat you in its way. Be a master of the mind rather than being a slave of submissive dominance.


Source: Tumblr

G) Don’t follow the Hoi Polloi: Go bold and taste the thunder: Where fear ends there the beauty of confidence begins. Do what you fear doing the most.  Don’t follow the herd or the tribe. Stand-alone and be different. Don’t follow the Hoi Polloi.  Focus on your inner peace and happiness rather than getting influenced and weighed down in beautifying the outer beauty by trying to live until people’s expectations.

Jen Sincero author of her book You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life says,“if you want to live a life you have never lived, you have to do things you have never done.” Don’t just be self-centered or be obsessed with the idea of you. Your New Years Resolutions will be going if you accept yourself as a Blueprint, know on your capabilities and also accept the thinking of the masses. 

Where there is determination, there are power, oomph, and results. 


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