Ego and Shoes Outside

Attachment is the greatest cause of happiness and misery. How would you know that you have encountered misery? When your ego starts talking over your self.  It is a natural tendency for humans to expect. From thoughts, desires are churned and from desires, expectations emerge. What happens when those expectations are not fulfilled? When reality becomes a Black and White Canvas instead of a neon shade? We try to feel angry, sad, hopeless, and lifeless and become rebellious.


Imagine this situation. Someone confesses to you about their feelings for you. You are the person who has trust issues, but the person makes all the efforts to gain your trust through swear words, love dosed words, letters and actions, with guaranteed loyalty. You become happy and satiated until you realize that the person is actually cheating on you, and you are just one of the contacts of colorful timpeass. You don’t know how to react.  Tragedies include blocking the person, or going off social media, or putting up sad stories, or being JohnKeats, or putting up posts like self-love is the best love and just love yourself and no one. You try to distance yourself from social gatherings, make not meeting your so-called ex a trend, be rebellious, angry, not easy to approach, and think no end of yourself.


The ego is the human which will give you the feeling that you deserve more than attachment. It is an attention seeker. Once you see outside the self-talking in a proud way, outside the notion of you are something and that the world should function in your whims and fancies, you will be more hurt. Being non attached is also the function of the ego. We humans in the process of non-attachment, in the process of finding peace become painful creatures. We want to escape from situations, feel trapped and suffocated and fear doing the mistakes as you label in the past.

The secret towards being a nonegoistic person is to be aware of yourself.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you keep this in mind you don’t need to measure or count your actions. You consciously would know to reduce the flame when the cooker reaches it’s boiling point. We humans make our own hopes and fall into the trashes of self created misery. We want to detach ourselves from the one’s who have cut our palm. You can never be peaceful if you don’t find yourself emotionally healing. Having ill thoughts about people and their opinions is a drainage of your energy. Don’t be a sufferer. Be a warrior. If you don’t like something be straightforward. Don’t hate anyone. For your mental peace and energy, you are soulfully responsible for your decisions. You don’t need to nod your head in peer pressure. Help the one who needs water even if you feel pricked by his or her knife. Be so good to people that you stand out as a standing example in your eyes because the façade of having multiple personalities over a smiling face is a wastage of emotional and mental energy.

Heal from within and let the Ego from the word Ego.


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