Thoughts of a freshly baked graduate

I remember when I was in school I used to crib about open houses, projects homework’s and assignments. That was the time when I wanted to run to college. When I landed in college, I used to crib about the lack of experienced teachers, friends, syllabus and my low attendance with oodles of assignments. Now that I will be a freshly baked graduate from St Xavier’s college on the 20th of April I worry about being unemployed. Hey! Dear freshly baked graduate, can you relate to my words?


In my college the placement committee is in full swing. We are getting anxious seeing some of our classmates cracking jobs, other department’s students drawing out handsome salaries with a placement in bag and here are me and you in the dilemma that what will happen to our future? You know that feeling my child when you go for an interview with a company and you never hear from them. You tend to demoralize yourself by overthinking, getting pimples, stressing, by getting dark circles and binge eating. What good has worry about the future ever given us?


I know for me personally to face rejections is like my fiancé rejecting me after spending days together in glory, but what good is overthinking and misery? You have got just one life. Work hard and work wisely. Apply to as many companies as you can. Take rejections with a smiling face. I know it’s easy for me to type but it gets on the nerves when companies reject you without even having their entrance exams and judging you on your resume. My grandfather used to always tell me that in this fast moving life sometimes we need to switch the pause button on. I know your neighboring aunties are pestering you with questions like, “my son has got into the top institute for management studies. Where have you got a job?” Even if you wish to work as a garbage sweeper and if that gives you happiness don’t judge yourself because it’s just one life. Don’t be a judgemental hippie.

Give time the time to heal yourself. Keep applying, keep going for interviews and keep getting rejected.  You will fall 9 times but in the 10th time you will rise. Have a positive outlook towards failures, rejections and downfalls. Life doesn’t end if you don’t have a brand on your back. Maybe that small shop on the downtown road is waiting for you to soar with your wings.  Do walk on the path less traveled my child. Go and find job satisfaction, growth and development. Never compete with your peers. Always compete with your own self.  Keep reading, stay updated and be a freshly brewed beverage of hope, love and good vibes.

If a company rejects you, they have lost a jewel trust me. You deserve to see the cream and not just swim in a shallow environment. Don’t be disheartened if your world of dreams comes crumbling apart. Never stop dreaming or believing because this universe is massive. One little rejection has no power to break you apart.


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