To my love (kursi)

A man had once asked me ,”how many hearts have you broken”? I said “none. Infact I had healed the broken.” We all need love don’t we? It is a natural desire, the most beautiful feeling that every individual wishes to experience atleast once in their lifetime. Let me take you away to natures’ baskets definition of love which is neither toxic, heart-wrenching, infectious. Away from the bookish definition of tragic stories of the protagonists not being able to meet because of the society, antagonists or because of the religious beliefs.


Source- Pintrest

We all like to seek love, but we do fear falling in love.  Is it easy for you to confess your love? I have seen one sided lovers, flirts, introverted and extroverted lovers, rebels, poets, writers, observant and silent lovers. Why do I the most pure being called love have so many labels? If a boy just meets you for a day and confesses his feelings to you, you develop the suspicion of him not knowing you, and call it as simple flirting right? Well why you can’t see that if he is giving you attention he is investing his energy in you. It’s you and your conscious of overthinking which makes you fearful. If 99 percentile of the people reject you for your confession of loving them trust me there will be one soulmate waiting there, that stranger whom you have always shown your back to.  Do accept rejection, but trust me if you love someone and yet show them your hate then you are losing on the most beautiful relationship on Earth because of your toxic behavior.


Source- Pintrest

Don’t make this concept of loving a scar or a bleeding cut which looks like a wound and needs healing. If you don’t like someone respects his or her feelings, but don’t hurt them with your scissors cut words.Don’t  label them as speed dating materials or flirts, or players or say that you were wrong and I am right. I am not at all easy to love and I am a complicated mess. Like why do you want to be so messy in life? Go there and meet the kursis(chairs). Unless you don’t meet you don’t know what you seek and whom you seek in life. You can’t just brag that I am a self-independent human and likes to spend just on the self. I mean even this nature has a big Heart.It shows love to the universe selflessly.You need to find that beautiful soul who won’t make love sound difficult you know.

We all have the natural needs of having sex, food, feeling loved and of security. It’s natural and is a loving process. Don’t go against the law of nature and punish yourself by being a strong person from outside, showing toxic attitude and making the concept of love fearful. Be so loving, caring and compassionate that the universe itself takes a bow in front of you and compiles the energy you send across.

Don’t be selfish by just loving yourself. Love that cracked Kursi too, with respect.


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