Silently yours

I have never watched any Varun Dhawan’s film but I had to watch October with my childhood and school friend because Shoojit Sircar’s story stirs the soul. Dhawan and Sircar film is a battle between the inter and intrapersonal self of the human. Less is more and October is just not a romantic story. Less is more.

Credits : Pintrest

Love doesn’t need expressions. Sircar carves the character of Siuli(Banita Sandhu) into October, a month in the autumns fall. All your emotions are awakened. Your silent fancies, tears, hopes, makes your canvas also love emptiness. A season away from reality October portrays the seasons of life. Dan(Varun Dhawan) is an innocent but an irritated, rebellious hotel management trainee at a 5 star hotel.

Credits : Pintrest

An innocent, naive and a lovable guy Dan aspires to be a chef but his coping up mechanisms ends him in a soup. Shiuli(Banita Sandhu) is just another colleague, trainee at the hotel . They are friends with minimum interactions. One day Shiuli falls from the 3rd floor, from 30feet high and goes into coma. Like all he is concerned but like the rest he can’t move ahead and accept the reality. His life is motionless in October. A movie above logic. October tells you to believe in what you yearn from the universe. A life above practicality, logic you let the winter mornings breeze at office bite your skin. From the snowfall to the crisp sun’s rays Dan is a naive character who undergoes a silent change from his turmoil. Sandhu’s stoic and silent gazes through her big eyes is the epitome of hope and void. For a self soulful willing there is Dan who is ready to risk his life to evolve. Juhi Chaturvedi’s writing is about a man who is always judged,who speaks less but adds spark throug actions. Silence is not the only hope and killer in a movie wherein we all have seen our loved one undergo the knife. Is money and loss of hope in a critical situation the only solution? Sircar has set poetry in motion to a movie which answers your solidarity. Anil Mukhopadhay’s cinematography shows you the optimistic Delhi in front of crowded gatherings, fountains, empty roads in pensive. Avik Mukhopadhayay’s camera takes you behind the crowded markets and lets you sit in front of park fountains, in complete solitude. Sircar tells you to adore patience and let’s the audience submerge into his characters soul. Dan has a funny bone but the beauty of pain and it’s change in a humans behaviour is what makes Dhawan stand out. Geetanjali Rao(Shiuli’s mother) is an Iron Lady. Love can be spoken through eyes and it can tear your Heart apart. We all have a Dan within us whose searching for our Siuli. This 115 minute October will take you in a meditative zone and you would want to stay alone after the movie is over and question the existence of your real self, spirituality, practicality and the poetry of your life set in motion. We all have fallen in love in varied different ways. We have seen our loved one’s surviving only for us. Siuli is the wallflower which only blooms in the month of October. It has a very short lifespan but her fragrance is till eternity. She touches the lives of those who meet her with her love and comfort. Sometimes at the age of 21 we don’t know to to define love as all we look for is comfort. We wish to speak to someone who doesn’t give back. Someone who caresses our silence and responses in a pensive state. This movie has reminded me of my Siuli. Me and him hardly had any conversations. My Siuli has moved ahead in life with his memory with me. We don’t talk anymore but whenever I think about my Siuli it rains tears and hopes in life. I have found myself because the butterfly like Dan just needed a companion to make him whole. We love. We lose. We rise and then set like the setting sun and the rising sun. None of the seasons are permanent in life. No one is either. Dive in the moment and go in the direction of your Heart. October set a warmth of peace in my rebellious Heart.


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