Dear Crush

Dear crush, your eyes were the spectator.

Amidst the shackles of hope a traitor.

Was it a sin of stalking?

That I now felt like blocking.

Credits :Snapchat

Fancy lights of I love you gave joy.

Showcasing love to the broken didn’t coy.

From Facebook to Instagram your love was smitten.

Cheesy lines and films sent were gift with a return.

You didn’t wish to burn bridges with me.

Amidst my body you wanted to glow free.

Accusations of being alone, self centered and disgrace was your answer.

When I didn’t feed your ego to a soft bouncer.

One night spent in your company was all I seeked.

Like a passenger you creaked and seeped.

I would adore to spend a lifetime with you.

If thy cleanse thys soul with acceptance.

Bantering the male ego you left.

Your eyes still scurr for our love didn’t dread.

How can I forget you oh healer.

You have been my crush,but could have been my forever reliever.

We will spend a lifetime together Dear Crush.

When you accept me without rush.


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