( This piece was inspired after meeting my best friends Eeshan and Vaibhavi whose ear wax may have dried after listening on the topic of marriage from me but they still listen).

My ode on the concept of marriage has always been with Vaibhavi and Eeshan my best friends.

“Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu,Qubool hei and Yes I do”. These are some of the phrases that have become my obsession. So you might have guessed till now on what I am referring to? Yes marriage. This term has become like my boyfriend whose constantly running in my head. I am so ready for marriage that when I make my new friends meet all I tell them is, “guys get to know each other and get married. I am getting my lehenga and sharara ready”. Well! this fancy with marriage has come after meeting my 18 year old would be Dr best friend.

Keeping aside the banters of male chauvinism, feminism all that we fancy of is a good guy. Well what is a good guy? Umm!let me explain. When you are on a tight budget you do plan out your budgeted life with food and expenses in a very orderly fashion. So maybe with the trend of marriage an ideal guy or girl for you would be somwone who fits your bill.

Yes! I believe in the institution of marriage. If our forefathers have said that everything should happen at a right time then it holds value. Yes we got to be independent, self sufficient, logical, rational in our careers. Ya we do need to have a steady income before setting down is my opinion. Well you too can marry and then study but please have cash in your bank account. Dreaming of the ideal husband is unrealistic. I do believe that before time and after time you don’t get anything. Luck and destiny favours those who work hard and ya if your laid-back then gods luck.

I think I am typing in an imaginary language. How will I talk when I meet my fiance? Will I go for love or arranged marriage? Hey! labels of livin relationships are also cool but marriage is the ultimatum with an adventurous bachelor’s trip. Why do we even have to marry? You can stay single and yet be happy. You can be 50and yet marry someone whose 21.

I have ranted about marriage even to the local dog of my colony. Holy Spirit knows whether I will marry or no, but yay ghagras are all ready for your marriage. Keep the food sexy honey. Get your peaceful Royalenfield on board. Love your simplistic in laws. Get that oomph factor with the lehenga.

“You don’t even have a job in hand. Make your career first. Stop blocking men and atleast be sweet to guys and not a rude darling tells mom”. Riding solo but pondering on marriage cause You Only Live Once (YOLO). Pausing my superificial imaginary, here is me waiting to be your bridesmaid. If you want any setting,patchups to happen feel free to connect me. I adore charity.

From your relationship manager

(till day single, Siddhi.)


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