Happy birthday, Universe

“Aaj toh khuda bhi khush hoga. Uske anmol ratan ka janamdin joh hei. Janamdin mubarak hoh Maa”.
Happy birthday to my universe,Maa. Well this photo was just before we were leaving to get my certificate of post graduation in my day of convocation from St Xavier’s college.

Maa had been to college first during my admission and this was the second time. Maa you have been my rock-bottom support, my pillar, my angel and my protector. Maybe I may have done some good deeds in my past that I have got you as my Maa. May the universe bless you in abundance Maa. You have given me a life way above than what I deserved. You have taught me humanity and to wear my opinion on my sleeves and to be selfless even to those who are mean at their time of need. I can never fall weak in my knees Maa because I know that you are there with me. There are like less than five people on this Earth I dearly love and you top the priority. I have to learn a lot in life Maa. Need your love and blessings. You have never kept any deadlines for me. You are my super cool super mom who has given me freedom more than a free bird gets.

Happy birthday to my creator,my Goddess, my Maa 💜. Maa my life will fall short if I write about the infinite reasons I have to thank you for. Since 21 years you have handled me in the most perfect way. I had to just point my finger and you made every dream of mine possible. For you work has been your God and for me you are my universe. You have seen faces of me which the world would fear seeing me. You have given me advices in every aspect of my life. Maa you have given me that freedom which even a boy does not get. You have made me see the real world at a naive stage. You yet tell me to brush my teeth at night and sleep. To wash my mouth after eating the last morsel. You are an innocent flower Maa. A woman of the highest morale, independence. To be like you is a dream Maa. On this birthday of yours I promise to be a better child and do my dharma towards you. Keep your blessings forever for me Maa because my Goddess wears her opinions on her sleeves and I am proud to be her seed.I love you for your choice of old songs, antique clothings and jewellery items. I promise you that I will get rid off my anger issues. I am sorry Maa for being a bad child at times but you are the woman of kindness who will forgive my sins.
I haven’t seen God but my Durga is my universe and I would not like to do anything that doesn’t make my Goddess happy. Forever at your feet Maa.
From your little naughty kid,


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