102 Not Out :Old is Gold

“Aulaad Nalayak Niklay To Usai Bhool Jana Chaheyai… Sirf Uska Bachpan Yaad Rakhna Chaheyai… Bachpan”.
102 Not Out gets Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan back on screen after a span of 27 years. It explores the relationship of a happy go lucky father whose innocence is like a child and has the zest to live life unlike his grumpy, sulky son who fears death and wants his blood pressure to always be perfect.
Babulal played by Rishi Kapoor is a 75 year old man whose lost his wife.All the sadness of life has become his usual routine and adds the pensive cherry to his age. Dattatreya Vakharia played by Amitabh Bachachan is the 102 year old happiest father and the darling Charlie Chaplin of Babulal’s life. He wants to bring back the lost confidence and hope in his son with and is an achiever of higher happiness with setting goal stones to his age.
His dream is to create a world record by beating the record of the oldest man alive. The word Yo! symbolises victory with the milestones. Both Bachchan and Kapoor whose age gap is of just 10 years soak beautifully into their characters. There is a rush of emotions till your throat as you can feel the everyday story of the relationships bond of a parent,child and a grandparent in the house. Bachchan creates magic after “motion sei emotion tak in Piku” and Kapoor creates the gush of a boughed down by the definition of old age in a crumbled way in an orderly fashion after his last role as an erratic grandfather in Kapoor and Sons. Both the legendary superstars caste a magic.
The 102 minute film is based on a Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi. The main twist being the father wanting to send the son to the Old Age Home. Babulal is clearly attached to Shantiniwas(Vile Parle) ,his residence where most of the scenes are shot(Mumbai too) and in order to fashion his love for his attachments and not fall into the nightmares of an old age home he has to obey his daddy dearests conditions.
You can actually feel the lively Gujarati families laughter in you alive with the lovely comic timings.

The narration is an easy go breezy till the first half as it shows the challenges that Babulal faces, his emotions with daddy’s conditions but daddy dearest has a plan for his son which we come to know in the later half to understand the heterogeneous nature. Every parent wants the best for their child and sometimes the parent has to be the child in order to teach the faithful child.
Jimit Trivedi the friendly neighbour who also works in a chemist shops adds up spice with his innocent follies of humour. He is a listener.
Babulal’s US returned son is greeted with a out of fashion quirky way and he forms the aid of solving the differences between Babulal and Dattatreya.
It’s good to live a professional life with discipline and ethics but if you can’t enjoy what you have earned in life then old is not gold. In order to be happy you have to accept your mental happiness, solve your past mistakes and live carefreely because age is just a number.
Old is indeed gold. I could totally relate my grandpa with the movie. Situations can’t be in control but your reactions can. Also Kishore Kumar’s songs played on the old transistor transformed me into an golden era’s aura of Bollywood Cinema and also Juhu Garden where the movie was shot was the place I had spent golden era’s with my grandfather. That place is a symbolic hope of mood in the film.
Verdict : 4/5
Go and watch this film if you really want to know on how to live life and also the song Badumbaa Zumba with Bachchan’s voice is a gold flake.


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