Apart from the fact that a hot Punjabi couple next to me at the corner seat were kissing loudly throughout the movie, and a decent guy whom I judged to be decent came solo for the movie and was cute sat next to my seat Veer Di Wedding was a real cliche but entertaining loud Shadi drama. “Zindagi mei galti nai karoge toh sikhoge kaise”?
Shashank’s Ghosh’s Veer Di Wedding opens up with a flashback of four besties in their school uniforms discussing “shadi “to fast-forward 10 years later still hounding on the wedding shenanigan mode. This movie does not boast feminism. If a woman wants to have sex or achieve orgasm before marriage it does not make her characterless. Swara Bhaskar’s bold self-satisfactions scene is a real breakout to the Bollywood cinema.
They talk about how everyone is only talking about getting married, they crib about how society only wants them to get married, they discuss their own wedding expectations all this while rolling their eyes, swearing to their heart’s content, laughing, drinking but not moving an inch from the shaadi ka topic. Rather than sexism or feminism, this movie is a voice on equality. On how society tells us to behave and how can we break rules and yet not be characterless cause rules don’t define a woman.
Kareena Kapoor urf Kalindi is the one getting married that sends all her buddies Avni (Sonam Kapoor), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar), and Meera (Shikha Talsania) into a tizzy.
Rishab (Sumeet Vyaas) is sweet and caring and Kalindi loves him alright, but her journey to becoming Mrs Malhotra is hilariously flabbergasting. From hideous dresses to obscenely lavish shaadi mandaps, it’s here that we have the most clever writing and rib-tickling moments – all at the expense of the gossipy aunties of West Delhi!
Avni is trying to find her Mr Right, while her mother (Neena Gupta) hyperventilates about her single status. Sakshi is heading towards a divorce and Meera’s 2-year-old son keeps her on tenterhooks.
The genuine camaraderie and bonding between the leading ladies is frankly the best thing about the film imbuing it with fun and warmth. When it comes to marriage why do we want a Shudh Partner? Like good values, moral, hold mummy’s dupatta types? Is that how you define a good man? Watch this movie then. Your mindset needs clearance because we have preconceived notions which reduce our possibilities of explorations. Keep aside those desi Delhi aunty clan or the upper educated religious scholarly guy who wants a modern days sanskari servant.
The movie shows girls are all dressed up with nowhere to go, literally! There is a forced Phuket holiday sequence added, for drama post moods, some pub hopping and bad hangovers, but our patience is tested in the second half.
Everything fizzles out, and even though Shikha Talsania and Swara Bhaskar are in top form, Veere Di Wedding ends up as a voice that for marriage or when it comes to finding your partner don’t find out someone like as if you have to show your biodata or have a material.
If you are easy to please and greet then ‘Veere Di Wedding’ should suffice.

Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya
Editor: Rahul Sanpui
Producer: Abhishek Ranjan


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