Manmarziyan- A trio of Ramji, Sita and Ravan

“ I am yours. Don’t give myself back to me”, said the legendary Muslim poetaster Rumi .

Meet the Rumi of modern times Anurag Kashyap- the king of neo-noir cinema, the priest of violence, abuses and darkness gets his latest flick Manmarziyan screaming the tagline “Love isn’t complicated people are”. The title of the film in itself means the will of the heart in doing what pleases, is a movie about the complicated affair and an even more complicated devotedness love story cause not every relationship has a happy ending when it involves mei, tum aur who – calling it a love triangle. There are times when you don’t hurt the person you love but then you aren’t just ready for marriage so you either choose to kick off your swipe rights choice by being single or you sacrifice your love by marrying someone you don’t love and that’s what you name the rishta as an arranged marriage..kyuki pyaar toh hoh jaega.

Check out the trailer of love you never touched but touched.

Vicky Sandhu aka DJ Sandz ( Vicky Kaushal) is tumultuously in love with Rumi( Tapasee Pannu), for he is not ready to marry her as Rumi rightly says ,” tu bandha na bahut sahi hai lekin zindagi ke naam par hagg deta “. Rumi is wild, magical , fierce and doesn’t speak before she thinks. Robbie is an affluent banker from London and is the kind of guy you will find in arranged marriages. Rumi feels that she will marry Robbie if Vicky doesn’t come to ask for her hand. He is an irresponsible man whose star gazed with Rumi as they are hardcore lovers.

Junior Bachchan is back to the big screen after a leap of two years.

What’s spicy in the film is the chemistry between Robbie ( Ramji) as Rumi fondly calls and Vicky. Amit Trivedi’s stour stirring songs are an ode to the era of romance. Your heart will race on the beats of ‘Darya’ and ‘Kundali’

their performances, Abhishek Bachchan underplays & how! The genius Amit Trivedi & his way of incorporating 12 songs without any obstruction. The scriptwriter of Manmarziyan-Kanika Dhilon has mastered the art of catchy screenplay, dialogues. “. A nostalgic theme of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but Kashyap sets the ball rolling apart.The 150 minutes film has the tinges of melodrama, love, hatred and insanity.

Taapsee Pannu deservingly gets a song on what she really is – Bijlee! She’s thunderous in the film & her character of Rumi gets the most meat of all. Rumi is very well written and brilliantly portrayed by Taapsee. There’s no stopping for her from here & we’ve a superstar in making. Vicky Kaushal – “Kabhi kabhi lagta hai yai’ch acting ka bhagwan hai.” What started from a pure & unadulterated Deepak Chaudhary in Masaan has turned into a rumbling roar as Vicky in Manmarziyaan.This wasn’t easy even for Vicky Kaushal because his character needed that touch of madness. Fortunately, Kaushal has managed to pull Vicky off with this unmatched talent. Since the posters of Manmarziyaan were released, I was rooting for Abhishek Bachchan. Abhishek’s Robbie is the biggest takeaway for me in the film. His silence, his breakdown, his definition of love – everything well portrayed by Junior Bachchan. Saurabh Sachdeva as Kakaji (Marriage Bureau guy) and Vikram Kochhar (Robbie’s brother) though have a very limited scope but are gifted some hilarious one liners. Ashnoor Kaur (Rumi’s cousin) plays her sweet little role with innocence.

You need someone like Amit Trivedi to execute 12 songs into a screenplay in which there’s a lot of things happening around. Daryaa & Hallaa tops for me (Yes, I’m a sadist) and they’re very well placed in the film. Kundali is quirky, Bijlee helps to shape up the Rumi’s character and I wish it had more of F For Fyaar. Rest of the songs are stitched to support the screenplay and not extend it.

All said and done, Manmarziyaan is not your hunky dory love story. It has love in a more realistic form backed by some outstanding performances. The music lifts up the purpose of the film proving the point Kashyap wants to say i.e. Do what pleases your heart cause as Vicky says,’’ Jabh Ramji tujhse fyaar karte hai tabh tu aakhein bandh karke mere barei mei sochti hai ya aakhein kholkar usei dekhti hai”?


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